In the face of exquisite silver ornaments, how do you match to highlight their own style?

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Silver as jewelry in the world has been very popular, not as luxurious as diamond, nor gold as grandiose, with their own unique temperament by the love of the people of the United States. According to the collocation of different clothes out of different styles, let you become a crowd of the brightest eye.

1. The professional dress is suitable for matching the sterling silver necklace with concise design and slim shape.

2. Casual wear can be matched with sterling silver rings with unique designs and exaggerated shapes.

3. A silver bracelet with a small bell is perfect for lovely person.

4. Silver ornaments inlaid with colored artificial stones (without black) are suitable for young girls to wear.


5. Tibetan silver personality color is strong, should not be matched with professional clothes, so as not to give a person the feeling of not professional, capable.

6. Attend a particularly luxurious occasion or wear a particularly gorgeous clothes, should not wear silver jewelry, but should choose precious jewelry, diamonds.


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