How to Maintain When the Gold Plated of 925 Silver Fade

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 Willl the gold plating fade? How to maintain? Now, Let's Introduce the problem to you.

Gold plating will fade, the color of the plating is not its own color, so it cannot be guaranteed that it will never fade.



1. If the sterling silver jewelry is not worn for a long time, it must be wiped clean with a soft cloth to avoid the sweat stains left on the jewelry resulting in corrosion, and then put it in a sealed bag or box to isolate the air to avoid the oxidation of silver jewelry and turn yellow and black.

2. Do not wear sterling silver jewelry while soaking in hot spring or playing in the sea. Also, avoid exposure to chemical solution, otherwise it will cause chemical reaction to make your sterling silver jewelry black.


3.You can use a silver cloth to wipe the smooth surface, carved or irregular surface of the silver ornaments. You can use a soft toothbrush dipped in a little toothpaste to gently scrub. After scrubbing, let the foam adhere to the silver ornaments for about a minute and then rinse clean with water. When you dry it with a soft cloth, you'll find it as clean as new.


4.Try not to use silver wash water to clean sterling silver jewelry, because it will erode the surface of the sterling silver, although it will quickly restore the shine, but will also quickly turn yellow and black. And every time you use the silver washing water, it is to corrode the silver ornaments again. For your favorite silver ornaments, you still need to use the silver cloth to wipe it.


5. If it is plain silver, that is the surface of the silver without any electroplating platinum is easier to oxidize into black and gray. The silver ornaments soaked in white vinegar for about 48 hours can effectively remove the light black oxide layer, and then rinse with water and brush the silver ornaments with toothpaste, so that the black oxide layer can be completely removed.


6. If it is of primary color and polished surface, it is relatively simple to handle. You can go to the jewelry store and ask the master to polish it with a cloth wheel. It is OK to wipe a silver cloth after polishing a cloth wheel. If there is a gap on the surface of the polishing, it can be cleaned with silver washing water. The silver washing water should not be used too much at a time. It is best to wipe it repeatedly.


7. Electroplated surface, to use a soft cloth to wipe with a soft cloth preferably a high-grade jewelry cloth, because the electroplating is very thin, rough cloth wipe and chemical damage, will affect the 925 silver surface light. Once no original bright. Soak the silver ornaments in white vinegar for 48 hours, which can remove the light black oxide layer. After that, rinse with water and brush the silver ornaments with toothpaste, which can completely remove the black oxide layer.


8. No matter what kind of material ornaments, It is best to take off and store in a dry place when taking a bath or sleeping. Sterling silver is a metal that discolourates easily, and of course it should.


9. The best maintenance method of silver jewelry is to wear it every day, because the human body grease can make the silver produce a natural and warm luster.



I hope the above methods are helpful to you.


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