Wireless Fast Charging Mouse Pad Mat for iPhone Galaxy Samsung


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Model: HB-Q22
Size: W205mm x L305mm x H5.3mm
Material: PC, ABS, PU leather
Rated Power input:5V/1.5A
Rated Power output: 5W(5V / 1A)
Frequency: 110-205KHz
Operating Temperature: -0℃ -35℃
Storage Temperature: -20℃ -60℃

Instructions for use

1. Connect the included USB charging cable to the device.

2. Connect the other side of USB Charging cable to an available USB port on your desktop, laptop, or USB adapter.

3. Simply Place your device on the charging area of this wirless charger.

1.This product needs to be equipped with a DC5V/1.5A(min) AC/DC adaptor. For example, the USB Interface on the computer or the mobile phone charger, not this type power supply parameter may lead to the product can not be used normally, or evern damage the product.

2.Be careful not to place overweight items on this product to avoid damaging the product.

3. Avoid external force, resulting the product bending and damage.

4. Products must be away from the source of fire, water and high temperature environment.

5. Avoid contacting the corrosive or solvent liquids.

6. When charging, between the product and mobile phone can not be clamped the metal bodys.

7. Prevent sharp objects to scratch the surface of the product.

8. When the product charge is abnormal, first to confirm whether the input is connected or the input is abnormal.